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The musical growth of our students depends on many factors. The efficiency of  

The Lesson Lab’s studio policy is one of them:  


FEES: Monthly tuition is due the last scheduled lesson of the previous month, or at 

the beginning of a Six (6) week class for group instruction. 

(i.e. March tuition is due on the last scheduled lesson of February.) This studio policy 

guarantee for the terms agreed upon between the student, family and teacher. A ten 

($10.00) late fee will be assessed on any tuition received after the first lesson of the 

month. For any returned checks, a twenty ($20.00) late fee will be assessed, and cash or 

money order will be required for future lessons. The Lesson Lab accepts cash, check or 

credit/debit payments. If the payment is made using credit card or debit, an extra 5% will 

be added to your payment. 


ABSENCES: If a student is not able to attend a scheduled lesson, a 24-hour notice is 



 STUDENT SAFETY: It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to make sure a 

child gets in to the lesson safely, and picks the student up in a timely manner after 

instruction. We encourage parents/guardians to sit in on lessons occasionally to monitor 

progress and behavior.  


MAKE-UP LESSONS: A make up lesson is offered to those students who give a 24- 

hour notice to the teacher. Make up lessons are held on Saturdays as available for private 

students, or as available for group lesson times provided there is space at the student’s 

class level. There are no refunds. 

DISCONTINUED LESSONS: If a student intends to discontinue private lessons, thirty 

(30) days advanced written notice is required or a full month's tuition shall be assessed.  


The Lesson Lab - Tuition  


Private lessons: 

Lessons are scheduled for the same time every week.  We offer 30, 45 and 60-minute 

lessons. We do not give lessons on a bi-weekly or irregular basis.  Monthly billing 

statements will be provided to you at the end of every month.  These statements serve as 

a reminder of tuition due and will include any books or materials that are purchased for 

your child. Payment is due at the last lesson of a previous month and is considered late if 

not paid by the 5th day of the month. Fee schedule for private instruction is as follows: 



Individual private instruction: $60.00 per hour ($45.00 for 45 minutes, $30.00 

per Half- hour).We recommend 30 minute lessons for our very young students, and a 

minimum of 45 minutes for older or more advanced musicians. 


Partner lessons Students interested in doing lessons with a sibling, parent or playing 

partner may receive 45-minute lessons at the rate of $25.00 per student, or $40.00 per 

student for 60 minutes. 



Group lessons: Group instruction is currently offered for voice and ukelele.. These are 45-minute lessons at the rate of 

$20.00 per student. These are six-week sessions, and are determined by playing level. 

Make up lessons are done only if space is available at the students instructional level. 

Please see the calendar page for start dates for each of these six-week sessions




Students are responsible for purchasing the curriculum as assigned by the teacher. The 

Lesson Lab will try to make books available to students, or supply a list of stores and 

websites that carry the required materials. In addition, students will need to have a blank 

manuscript spiral bound book and a pencil to take notes at lessons. We encourage parents 

to provide a comfortable practice space at home that is free of distraction, a music stand 

and adequate lighting. Practice expectations will be discussed by the teacher, and a log 

sheet will be sent home for students to chart their progress. 




Recitals: Students are encouraged to participate in a spring recital. The date will be 

announced in late February.